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Christian Life School of Theology of Covington, Georgia

Academic Programs
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Degrees offered by CLST are:


Diploma of Theology:
Dip. Th. 30 Units


Associates of Theology:
A. Th. 60 Units


Bachelor of Theology:
B. Th. 126 Units


Master of Theology:
M.Th. 171 Units


Master of Sacred Studies:
M.S.S. 216 Units


Doctor of Theology:
D. Th. 261 Units


Doctor of Ministry:
D. Mi. 300 Units

Are You Called To Seek Out Any Of The Following Careers?
If so, We Can Help!

  • Pastor
  • Evangelist
  • Prophet
  • Counselor
  • Youth Worker
  • Home Group Leader
  • Hospital Ministry
  • Teacher
  • Apostle
  • Missionary
  • Children's Worker
  • Personal Enrichment
  • Outreach Ministry
  • Prayer Room Counselor
  • Departmental Ministry

Be All God Wants You To Be

Time Length (based on compatiblity of 10 courses annually)

1 Year - Diploma in Theology
30 Semester Units


2 Years - Associate of Theology
60 Semester Units


4 Years - Bachelor of Theology
126 Semester Units


5 1/2 Years - Master of Theology
171 Semester Units


7 Years - Master of Sacred Studies
216 Semester Units


8 1/2 Years -  Doctor of Theology
261 Semester Units


10 Years - Doctor of Ministry

300 Semester Units


The above years are based on 10 courses out of 12 courses offered a year. Also, on no prior college, advanced standing, or ministerial experience, which would give you more units. Check with the Chancellor, Dr. West. All degrees conferred by Christian Life School of Theology are in a Bible Theology Major. Courses are offered in six divisions of study. Old Testament, New Testament, Biblical Theology, Christian Counseling, Historical Theology, and Practical Theology. It is required that courses from all six divisions be represented in a student's Bachelor of Theology.


All students should take whatever course is offered.

Please call or e-mail us with questions on the various programs.

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CLST Covington Campus * 3133 Rebecca St., Covington, GA.  30014 * 770-784-9359