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Christian Life School of Theology of Covington, Georgia

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Our admissions process has led to our reputation as a leading academic institution.

Admission Procedures:

We evaluate applications and conduct interviews throughout the year. Contact us to receive an application or schedule an interview. We can also arrange a tour of the campus or invite you to one of our classes. Submit a completed application for admission along with a non-refundable $25.00 (Fee). Call or email us for an application. Official high school, college, or seminary transcripts may be submitted for evaluation, but are not required for admission. For students transferring to CLST, see the school catalog or call the Chancellor at 770-784-9359.
Tuition Information:
Application Fee is $25.00
Cost per 3 unit hours:
Tuition $85.00
Administration/Accreditation Fee $15.00
Text Book and Syllabus $60.00
Total : $160.00 (Per Course)
Christian Life School of Theology welcomes applications for admission from prospective students who possess the qualifications the institution considers necessary for those anticipating Christian service. An application packet may be obtained through each campus which handles all matters related to admissions directly. Applicants are welcome to visit the local campus to discuss the Theology program. Formal admission is required of all students intending to pursue studies at CLST.
General Requirements
Admission to Christian Life School of Theology is governed by procedures developed by the Christian Life School of Theology Curriculum Committee. The prospective student is assessed according to academic background, moral character, personal testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ, and a sincere desire to study the Scriptures. If the applicant meets the required standards in these areas, he/she is admitted to the institution on a course-to-course basis. All male and female applicants for admission are considered without regard to race, national, ethnic origin, and/or handicap. Questions on the application relating to these items are for the purpose of preparing reports and have no bearing on the admission process.
Initial Application Procedures
Communications regarding admission should be directed to the Chancellor of our campus.
The items listed below constitute an applicant’s credentials upon which a decision for admission is based. Because a signature and official transcripts are required, applications may not be submitted via internet.
1. Application for admission;
2. High school transcript or a copy of a high school diploma (a report of the results of the General Education Development (G.E.D.) test may be presented in lieu of the high school
3. Three references are to be listed. These will include references from the applicant’s pastor and two acquaintances unrelated to the applicant;
4. $25 non-refundable application fee.
Students who are re-enrolling after twelve or more months of inactivity must submit a new application form and an application fee. The new application must include three references.
Students Without a High School Diploma or Equivalent
The following individuals may apply for enrollment at the Institute if they satisfy the requirements of the “ability-to-benefit” provision.
Typically, all individuals will have received a high school diploma or an equivalent before enrolling in the Institute. The following individuals who have not completed high school may submit applications for enrollment if they satisfy the requirements stated below. This provision is known as the “ability-to-benefit” provision. Its primary purpose is to ensure that students are capable of completing courses of study and that they and the ministries they
serve will benefit from their studies at the campus.
Under this provision, high school seniors may be approved as graded or audit classes. High school juniors may be approved to audit courses. Other high school students may be approved to attend as observers. Other individuals 18 years of age or older who have not completed high school or an equivalent may be approved to audit or take classes for grades. Procedures for enrolling under this provision follow.
The Chancellor of this campus will sign and submit a letter to the Chancellor of Christian Life School of Theology along with a completed Application for Admission (to include a separate check for the application fee) for the potential student. The letter must state that the Chancellor believes the candidate is capable of completing Theology courses and maintaining a “C” average grade. The letter must also explain how the candidate will benefit from the courses and how the ministries the candidate is involved in will benefit. Finally, the letter should contain the Chancellor’s recommendation that the student be admitted as a student.
These individuals, if accepted as graded students, will be admitted in an “academic probation” status for 15 semester hours. They must maintain a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) or higher through these 15 hours in order to have the probationary status dropped.
Applications for individuals to be admitted under this provision require approval by the Chancellor of Christian Life School of Theology in the national headquarters. If the application is not approved, the application fee will be returned with a letter of explanation. If the
application is approved, a copy of the approval will be sent to the Chancellor.

Here you can download or view a copy of the Application Form. You will need a recent copy of Adobe Acrobat. Click on the Adobe icon to download a free Adobe Acrobat reader.

CLST Application Form for Covington Campus (Updated Oct 2017)

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